"Tiang's virtuosity as a translator"  -- review of The Promise Bird in Cha

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The City of Sand by Tianxia Bachang -- Penguin Random House (2017)

Pathological by Wang Jinkang -- Amazon Crossing (2016)

The Borrowed by Chan Ho-kei -- Grove Atlantic/ Head of Zeus/ House of Anansi (2016)

The Book of Mountains and Rivers by Yu Qiuyu -- CN Times (2015)

Death by Perfume by You Jin -- Epigram Books (2015)

Ten Loves by Zhang Yueran -- Math Paper Press (2013)

Island of Silence by Su Wei-chen -- Ethos Books (2013)

Durians Are Not The Only Fruit -- Epigram Press (2013)

Unrest by Yeng Pway Ngon -- Math Paper Press (2012)

The Promise Bird by Zhang Yueran -- Math Paper Press (2012)


SHORT FICTION (selected)

Binary by Zhang Yueran -- Read Paper Republic

Specimens/ Auntie Xin/ The Captured Spoon by Zou Jingzhi - Two Lines, Mar 2015

False Collar/ Belch by Zou Jingzhi - Exchanges, Feb 2015

The Girl of His Dreams by Sabrina Huang -- Asymptote, Oct 2014

A Room of One's Own by Zhang Yueran -- The Iowa Review, spring 2014

Cat Sickness by Sabrina Huang -- From The Belly Of The Cat, Math Paper Press, 2013

Eight Days by Zou Jingzhi -- The Stinging Fly, June 2013

Dirty Rain by Zhang Yueran -- Asymptote, Jan 2012



POETRY (selected)

Anti-Love Poem For The Twenty-First Century by Un Sio San - Cha, Sept 2016

Nude Picnic and I Dreamt I Was Watching A Disaster Film by Un Sio San - Two Lines, Mar 2016



Far Away by Lo Yi-Chin -- NEA Grant 2016

Ninth Building by Zou Jingzhi -- PEN/ Heim translation grant